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Posted 05 May, 2010

Association Finances

   This past winter has been kind to our budget. As of May 1st, we had $9,500 in the checking account. Additional expenditures for this year will include dead tree removal in the upper cul-de-sac and beach easement area plus lawn maintenance at the bottom of the hill.

   The bulk of our snow removal bill this past winter was for salt on the hill.

Spring Clean-up

   Beach clean-up day is scheduled for May 22 at 9 a.m. We will need rakes, trash bags, a pick-up truck to haul away organic materials (grass, leaves & brush) and someone with a chain saw to cut up the old rail fence on the north edge of the property. The latter can probably be used for firewood in the firepit.

Beach Easement Area

   We have received a proposal from our new neighbors (Craig and Becky Tester) on the south side of the property to add some trees and shrubs in our easement area. Other changes were also proposed including a new fence and a gate above the steps. The Board along with Chuck Judson met last week to discuss the proposals. A number of issues were raised and there was a sense that we should proceed with caution on any proposed changes. The Board agreed that no changes should be made at this time.

   It was suggested that all members of the Association should have the opportunity to listen to and discuss any proposals put forth by the Testers.  We could invite them to the October meeting.


   Anyone that has not already done so may receive Association materials via e-mail by contacting Eric at

The Franklin Woods home page can be found here.

James Reed, President  929-0654
Mike Shirley, Treasurer 947-4393
Lori Klym, Secretary 668-6856
James Russel. At-large 947-3343
Eric Pearson, At-large/Web Master  929-9209

UPDATED 05 MAY 2010     

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