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Franklin Woods

Posted 09 October, 2010

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is scheduled for Sunday, October 24th, at 7 pm at the Reed's home, 6720 Franklin Woods Drive. Agenda items include...

Summer 2010 Activities

E-Mail & Internet

Anyone that has not already done so may receive Neighborhood Association materials via e-mail by contacting Eric at

The Franklin Woods home page can be found herC:\EJPWIN7\Documents\Online\root\TC\rt\nHood\Areae.

James Reed, President  929-0654
Mike Shirley, Treasurer 947-4393
Lori Klym, Secretary 668-6856
James Russel. At-large 947-3343
Eric Pearson, At-large/Web Master  929-9209

UPDATED 09 October 2010     

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