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Posted 30 October, 2010

The meeting was called to order by the President at about 7:10 pm on October 24, 2010 at the home of Jim and Janet Reed.

The Minutes from the October 2009 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Activities from the summer were discussed including the cleaning of the beach area, removal of trees, repair and replacement of road signs, and road patching.

The proposed budget for 2010/11 was presented, discussed and approved by those present. Highlights include no change in Association fees, no change in the prices for snow plowing, no planned extraordinary expenses and a possible end-of-year balance of around $15,000 (depending upon the winter weather).

There was an important discussion about the possible build up of cash balances. It was strongly suggested that Board bring recommendations to the next general meeting regarding the earmarking of funds for the eventual repair or replacement of the existing roadways.

Along these lines, the Board did get an estimate on the cost of a complete redo of the road up the hill. A complete tear down and replacement would cost an estimated $30,000. A complete resurfacing of the rest of the sub would cost an estimated $47,000.

Other concerns were expressed about trash on the beach area and it was suggested that trash bags be supplied by the Association for use by the residents. These could be mounted in a receptacle on a post similar to what exists at Clinch Park. It was also suggested that a water bucket be left at the beach area so that fires could be extinguished with water rather than dumping sand in the fire pit.

It was also suggested that those members that store kayaks in the beach area may wish to have a storage rack for their boats.

There was also concern expressed about the dumping of yard waste in the common areas and about the safety issues associated with walking the roadways at night. It was suggested that walkers use a flashlight.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


Especially during the winter, drivers coming up the hill have the right-of-way. When it is slippery, please wait for those coming up before heading down.

By now, we trust that everyone has switched to the same trash hauler. The Board would like to thank everyone for doing so. It will help prolong the life of our roads.

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James Reed, President  929-0654
Mike Shirley, Treasurer 947-4393
Lori Klym, Secretary 668-6856
James Russel. At-large 947-3343
Eric Pearson, At-large/Web Master  929-9209

UPDATED 30 October 2010     

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