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Greetings TCHS Class of 1974!

The reunion was held on July 26th, 2014 at 6:00 pm at the Elks Lodge in TC.
A good time was had by all.

Nobody took a group picture in '14, so here's a photo from '94:

TCHS 1974 30th Reunion
Click here for a much larger image


We found only 50% of the class in time for the reunion.
Go track down that old friend!

Classmates we still need to find

We'd like to collect everybody's information so we can put old friends in touch with each other.
We'll try to reunite classmates who want to contact each other, but only if both agree.

Contact information will be used only by members of the rolling Reunion Committee.
It will not be posted on the internet or given to anyone without your permission.

Contact the Reunion Committee
email: TCHS1974@Around.TC

Classmates we have found so far

Classmates we still need to find

Teachers & Others

Classmates & Teachers who have passed away

TCHS 1974 Facebook Group

The 1974 National Honor Society Talent Show

This web site is not associated with
TCAPS (Traverse City Area Public Schools)

or Traverse City High School.

This is a grass-roots effort and is not
associated with any other organization
like the ones who keep sending you postcards

and pestering you on the internet.

Reunion Committee Login
(requires password)

The 1974 40th Reunion Committee..
Svea (Kay) Wikstrand, Eric Pearson, Bruce Hanson, Lori Richardson (Franklin), Heather Mason,
Mary Younglas (Reid), Mary VanConant (Kirt), Carla Bartell (Wood), Mary Kay Dean (Archer),
Bill Thomas, Donna Heming (Marie), Cathy Green (Burry), Rhonda Sweeney (Nicholas)

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